DVD Review: Desperate Housewives - The Complete Fifth Season (Red Hot Edition)

Let's start things of with a review for the newly out on DVD season of abc's Desperate Housewives. I have been a fan since the first season, but things have started to change in the fifth season.

After a great Start of the Season (and by that I mean the first 13 Episodes), the Season got somewhat disappointing. But what went wrong? We still had surprising deaths, juicy storylines and the usual DH Humor. The lack of a decent mystery hurt this season a lot. Everything was predictable (from the first Episode), there was no guessing left. Dave was a great character and also beautifully portrayed my Neal McDonough and it started out as a promising mystery. But soon the writers went into the obvious direction and pretty much revealed the mystery by Episode 10. The rest of the Season was Daves plan for revenge.
But not all is bad. There were some memorable episodes this Season as well as the 100th Episode of the show. It's still a fun show, and compared to a lot out there after 5 years still holds it's place as TV's best. Hopefully Marc Cherry will come up with something more intriguing for the shows 6th Season airing this Fall. 

The 7 Disc Set will include these Extras:

 DISC 1:

* ABC Starter Kit – If you hit play all on disc 1, you will get the ABC Starter Kit which briefly explains about what happened in the previous seasons of “Desperate Housewives”.
* Audio Commentary for “You’re Gonna Love Tomorrow” – Audio commentary with commentary by Larry Shaw, Doug Savant, Kyle Maclachlan and James Denton. An interesting commentary especially for the male perspective of the series.


* Audio Commentary for “The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened” – Audio commentary by Creator Marc Cherry and actress Brenda Strong. A very entertaining featurette and some interesting insight to the 100th episode. For those who watched the Bravo reality TV show “Work Out”, Marc Cherry was inspired by his friend and “Work Out” trainer Doug Blasdell who passed away. How the show was conceived in a short amount of time but how he wanted a show that celebrated one’s life.


* Bloopers – (6:24) “Desperate Housewives” Season 5 Blooper Reel
* Deleted Scenes - Seven deleted scenes which include: “What More Do I Need” – Alternate Opening, Out in the Open, Memory Lane, Aversion Therapy, Last Call, Mike Takes the Blame, Goo Goo Eyes, The Right Choice. The deleted scenes come with the time stamps.
* Cherry-Picked: Creator Marc Cherry’s Favorite Scenes – Featuring optional commentary by Marc Cherry, viewers can watch seven of Marc’s favorite scenes from the fifth season which include “Gaby’s New Game”, “Croquembouche”, “Pot Roast”, “Fire!”, “Edie & Eli”, “Quite the Ad Wiz” and “Jackson?”.
* “What More Do I Need?” – A very good Read – A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How the Process Unfolds from Script to Screen – (11:15) Marc Cherry talks about the table readings and a shot of the table readings. Cherry talks about how he was in “The Golden Girls” that what seemed funny on script, may not seem funny on air. So, for an hour-long show, it was important for him to have the table readings to make sure the jokes come out right.
* I Know Things Now: Desperate Housewives Celebrates 100 – A Look Back at 100 episodes of Comedy, Drama and Cake Fights – (20:49) The cast talks about celebrating a 100th episode. A look back at the episodes that touched the crew and the talent of the show. Also, discussing the worldwide appreciation for the show.
* So Very Teri – Wisteria Lane’s Favorite Girl next Door… Funny, Beautiful, And She Does Her Own Stunts – (8:04) Teri Hatcher’s ability to do physical comedy. Marc Cherry, the producers and talents talk about how Teri Hatcher’s ability to do comedy. How Hatcher does her homework with her lines, always writes notes and ideas and more.
* Sneak Peeks – Sneak peeks on ABC shows coming to DVD.

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