Planet Earth - The Complete Series

I know this is probably old news for everyone, but BBC's Planet Earth is the best thing when it comes to Nature Documentaries. It is captivating, shocking, interesting, moving and refreshing. The world is right before our eyes, but certain areas will always be unreached to most people. Thanks to this 5 Disc DVD or 4 Disc Blu-Ray Set we can now enjoy the wonders of far away Africa or the Amazon Delta. The cinematography is breathtaking with never before seen scenes of landscapes all around the world. The main focus of this series are  the wildernesses that are left in the world.

This is a must buy. The DVD Set includes almost two hours of Behind the Scenes Featurettes which go into detail on how the Series was shot. On the DVD Set you'll find a 5th Disc with 3 "Planet Earth: The Future" documentaries.


  1. This was an amazing series, I hope to get the DVD set very soon.
    Sunny :)

  2. You can get it online for 35$ on!