Trick 'r Treat

As Halloween is approaching the search for a good Halloween night movie opens up. Well, search no more, here it is. Even though "Trick 'r Treat" is already two years old, it's coming out on DVD/BluRay now. It captures all that is Halloween: spooky stories, dark alleys, candy, scares and blood... But above all it offeres a unique story. Something that is lacking in recent Hollywood productions. It's almost like a very dark and twisted fairy tale. The Movie relies on ancient history about the holiday, yet brings with it something the audience can connect to. The basic premise is that it's Halloween night and children are trick or treating for candy. This serves as a basic backdrop on which various storylines unfold which are connected by the "killer". 

There is some mystery in this film, which keeps you guessing how all parts are connected. By the end everything is revealed and you are left wanting more. But it's not a movie which presents you the answer bluntly and without your involvment. It's not a Lynch movie of course, still the answers are not spellt in front of you. That's one aspect i liked. There are many twists in this movie. And that's another point i liked. I guess i wasn't expecting them and so they were a real schock sometimes. But nevertheless, they are good, spread evenly through the movie. Just when you think the story will go in one direction it will turn to another.

Scary images and a good original story. What more can you want for a perfect Halloween night...

10/10 Points from me.