Long Time, No See

Yes I have neglected this blog completely. I guess the biggest reason for that is lack of response, so I didn't really know if anyone reads it or not. But, I'm not about to delete it. It can serve as a look back on films I have seen and personal opinions.

Anyway, currently I'm watching Supernatural Season 1 on DVD. It's actually in it's seventh season this fall, but i never got around watching it. True Blood Season 1 on DVD is also on my watch-list. In between I'm watching NCIS from the beginning, to catch up on it.

In cinema news, I watched Harry Potter VII, Part 2 in 3D like millions of other people, and re-watched David Lynch's Inland Empire, a surreal look at betrayal and mysteries of love. Recommended, but only for Lynch fans.


  1. I think some people are invisible readers. They come, they look, they read and they are not leaving comments. Good that you didn't delete your blog. I would like to learn more about films.

    I didn't watched the Supernatural Season. I have to check it. And I am going to look for David Lynch'c Inland Empire. It sounds interesting.


    1. I would never delete it, and I think I just might redesign this and get back to it. If not only for my sake! :) Thanks for stopping by.