30 Rock

Since I have mentioned TV Shows already, I think this would be a good place to talk about my favorite Sitcom right now. It's 30 Rock which airs on NBC. It is the funniest TV Show for me right now. The 4th Season just finished and they have been picked up for a 5th one. The humor is layered and you can watch the episodes several times and catch little things every time. One thing this show does very well is character and story. It's not uncommon for a sitcom to do punchline after punchline. But not here. Each season has a story to tell, episodes overlap and character profiles are constant. The continuity is very good for a comedy. It's just one big package that works very well. Tina Fay is hilarious and a very good writer. She is the show creator, executive producer, writer and actress. Side characters are well developed and add a lot to the show. I highly recommend it and if you want to start watching Season 5 in October 2010, be sure to update yourself with the rich DVD-Sets of Seasons 1-4.